2019 Europe Tour







2019 was the year that our love for travel and adventure began. We made the bold decision to sell our house and quit our jobs for an epic motorhome road trip across Europe with our two little ones, Piper and Jack, as well as our crazy dog Charlie. We ventured to a total of 10 countries, travelling to the very top of Norway and all the way down to Gibraltar.

It was the first time either of us had done any real travelling, so we were completely new to the experience and hadn’t a clue what to expect before we set off on the road. When we left we had envisaged that we might be on the road for around 1 year, but we always said we would travel at our own pace, without sticking to a strict schedule. And it just so happened that we had it all wrapped up in almost 6 months! We probably went a little bit too fast, but at the same time we had an absolute blast, travelling just how we wanted.

We swam in the Arctic Ocean, saw wild Flamingos in Spain, skydived in Switzerland, visited Santa in Lapland, walked behind a waterfall in Norway, visited the Fairytale towns in Germany and drove alongside Reindeer in Finland.

What was it like travelling with young kids? Well we wondered how the kids might adapt to such constant change, the long drives and the confined space of a motorhome, but those worries quickly faded and we were amazed at how the children were not only able to adapt, but also thrive within this new lifestyle that they were presented with! Our advice to anyone thinking of travelling with kids is, DO IT and don’t overthink it.

It was an experience that we will never forget and one that we will look back on and cherish forever. It’s shown us what’s really important and given us a whole new perspective on life.

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