The Wonderful World Of Bamse

Chances are that if you ask the kids what their favourite place from our travels is, they will reply with ‘Bamse World’, the home of Sweden’s most famous children’s character.

We first encountered Bamse on our TUI family holiday to Sardinia in 2018 and since then the kids have been quite taken with the lovable bear and regularly enjoy watching the songs and shows on Youtube, so much so that we are all pretty good at singing Incy Wincy Spider in Swedish. So as we were heading to Sweden as part of our European tour, we made it a must do activity to visit Bamse world, located at Kolmarden Wildlife Park, which just so happens to be the largest zoo in the whole of Scandinavia!

To make the most of the day, we arrived at the park on opening and left our motorhome in the dedicated motorhome parking area. It was already pretty busy, so it paid off getting there early. Entrance for the day cost us around 927 Swedish Krona which equates to around £80, that was for 2 adults and 1 child as we didn’t need to pay for Jack.

With the kids full of excitement, we headed straight to the rides in Bamse World, with Piper and Jack especially enjoying the cars on rails. It was kind of fun for us grown ups to sit in the back seat and let these two get behind the wheel for a change! 

After a few rides, we decided to head to see the animals, and after a little while we stumbled across the Safari gondola. The queues for this were pretty big and we weren’t quite sure what all the fuss was about, but when it was finally our turn, we understood why. Luckily because we were international visitors, we were given our own gondola so we could listen to the audio tour in English. The ride takes you over the wide, spacious enclosures of some of the zoo’s biggest animals such as the lions, giraffes, and brown bears, giving you a unique birds eye view of the animals in an environment that tries hard to emulate their natural habitats in the wild. The loop around takes a good half hour, and you also get to take in the amazing views of the surrounding coastline too.

Another must see attraction at Kolmarden is the popular dolphin show, which was also an amazing experience. However, we aren’t 100% sure how we feel about using animals for entertainment in this way, so perhaps we wouldn’t do this bit again.

With that being said we would love to return to Kolmarden one day, only next time we will also have the joy of introducing little Teddy to the wonderful world of Bamse.

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