Meet The Family


I was born in Essex, but spent my childhood moving around with my family whilst my dad served in the armed forces. Which is why perhaps I now enjoy floating from place to place, never really feeling the need to be grounded to a particular location. In 2009 at the tender age of 17, I met Ric in the local village pub, and the rest they say, is history. Our travel experience together was limited to a weekend getaway at Haven and an all inclusive holiday to Lanzarote, until 2019 when I muttered those words that would go on to change everything, “Why don’t we just sell up and go travelling”? So we did just that. With a background in marketing, I went on to set up ‘Touring With The Kids’, to share all of our adventures as we embark on full time travel as a family, something which is definitely not for the faint-hearted! But the real gem of all this, is being able to enjoy all of the everyday moments together, as well as some pretty exhilarating ones too! 


I am originally from Suffolk in East Anglia. Growing up I was always out and about with my friends, not wanting to sit still for much time. It seems like this is still a character trait of mine. In 2013, we moved to Kendal in Cumbria where I completed a degree in Forestry, which I now realise is not the most travel friendly career path I could have chosen! My final year was a catalyst for much of my outlook on life today. Me and Keira got married on the banks of Lake Windermere and 5 months later we welcomed Piper into the world. Sadly, just 6 days earlier my Mum passed away. It was, and still is the toughest time of my life. However, it also taught me how precious life is and that we must focus on the important things in life. For me that’s travelling and experiencing new cultures with my amazing and slightly crazy family. I’m not sure what the future holds or where we’ll end up, but in a strange sort of way that’s where the real magic lies. 


I’m 7, the oldest kid in the family! I’ve recently become a vegetarian and my biggest passion is the ocean, so when I grow up I want to become a Marine Biologist. I really want to go Scuba-diving and my Dad says we’re going to sail around the world one day too. In the van, you’ll find me reading a book, drawing, colouring in pictures of Unicorns or playing outside with the boys.


I’m the cheeky one, which is fun sometimes but it also gets me into a lot of trouble with the bosses (Mum & Dad). I’m 5 years old and the middle child so maybe that explains it. I’m also the one that wakes up first in the mornings, which has given me the nickname of The Breakfast Man, and boy do I like to eat. You’ll often find me trying to sneak something out of the snack drawer when no one is looking! 


At just 2 years old, I’m the youngest and that means I get away with a lot more than the other two. I keep mummy and daddy wrapped around my finger with all the snuggles I give them in the mornings when I climb down from my bed. I talk a lot too and for my age I’d say I’m pretty good at Geography. Give me a map of Europe and I’ll happily point out the countries. 


I am a Chocolate Labrador with a smidge of Springer Spaniel in me. I remember when it was just me and Mum & Dad. Those were the days. Then the kids came along. Oh well, on the plus side there’s more food around for me to try and steal. I love sleeping and eating, who doesn’t! I love cuddles too and a good scratch. Travelling means I get to spend everyday with my family and there’s always a new smell in town for me to sniff. 

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