Travelling With Kids – What’s It Really Like?

Since we set out on this full-time travelling adventure, we have received lots of lovely messages on Instagram & Facebook from families who are looking to start out on their own travels and just the same as we did, they have a million and one questions to ask.

The Arctic Circle

After a long, long drive (as Piper likes to say), we finally reached the Arctic Circle Centre.

Norway, Oslo to Bergen

We are beyond excited to be in Norway, it’s the country that we have most been looking forward to and so far it hasn’t disappointed!

Wild and Windy Northern Denmark

Arriving in northern Denmark, everything started to change! The glorious temperatures of the high 20’s and early 30’s disappeared and we found ourselves in a slightly cooler and much windier environment.

3 Weeks in West Germany

From mountains and lakes to sandy beaches, Western Germany certainly had a lot to offer – here are our highlights!

Hej Denmark

After 3 weeks in Germany we crossed the border into Denmark and instantly filled with a wave of excitement.

A trip down memory lane to Gutersloh, Germany

Now it wouldn’t have been right to take a motorhome tour of Europe and go through Germany without going back and visiting Gutersloh; the town that I lived in as a child.

Belgium in 8 Days!

A fantastic time in Belgium, whizzing through in only 8 days! Missed out on the Belgian chocolates, but there is no doubt we will be back.

And we’re off, first stop – Ypres, Belgium

So here we are, the day we’ve been waiting for, it’s time to leave Suffolk and start our European Motorhoming adventure

A weekend on the Solway Coast

A fun filled family weekend at Barlochan and Brighouse Bay Holiday Park.

A sneak peek inside our Motorhome

Come and have a nosey at the space we are calling home for the next 12 months!

Our first week as ‘Motorhomers’

So that’s us, finished with our relatively normal way of life, we’ve put most of our belongings into storage, moved out of our 3-bed house and are settling into motorhome living!

Pre-Travel Purchases

We thought we would share with you some of our pre-travel purchases. The things we think may be useful for travelling in a motorhome.

The first steps

We’ve done it! We’ve only gone and handed in our notices at work and put our house on the market!

So, we are going travelling in Europe!

In 2018 we made the BIG decision that we would leave everything behind (except the kids and the dog), to go travelling in Europe for a year!