Belgium was the very first country that we visited on our 2019 motorhome tour of Europe. We remember quite vividly how we felt the first day that we arrived here, we were full of excitement and anticipation for our travels and at this point we had no idea what to expect. We had NEVER travelled before and motorhome living was still relatively new to us. We were here for 7 nights, three of those spent in Ypres and it turned out to be a great starting point for our adventure. Well, that is apart from the fellow motorhomers who parked up next to us on our first night and decided to steal our electric point because theirs wasn’t working! The countryside here is beautiful, lots of greenery and a ton of cows. There are also plenty of places of interest to visit, as Belgium is steeped in history. Something to note if you are visiting Belgium is that there are 3 official languages! This made things a little confusing for us as we didn’t have a clue which one we should be using.

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first stop – Ypres, Belgium

Once docked in Calais, it was the part Richard was most nervous about, driving on the opposite side of the road. Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as he thought and we were making our way along to Ypres, Belgium.

Belgium in 8 Days!

A fantastic time in Belgium, whizzing through in only 8 days! Missed out on the Belgian chocolates, but there is no doubt we will be back.

Our Route

Key Stats

Total Mileage424
Miles per day60.57
Total spent£275
Cost per day£39.37

Next – Germany

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