Finland was quite a special place on our tour, we left the rugged mountaneous scnery of Norway and drove straight into a landscape of pure Forest. There were trees everywhere and the roads were dead straight, quite the contrast to the bumpy and bendy roads that we had gotten used to in Norway. Of course, the best memories from Finland come from our time spent at Lapland, where we got to meet the big man himself. I think us grown ups may have been a little more excited by this than the kids! It wasn’t the tradiitonal visit to Lapland though, since it was the height of summer and temperatures were way above average at 29 degrees celsius. Other than Santa, Finland had a lot to offer in terms of Lakes, and we found plenty in the ‘Lakeland region’. We love being near water so we really enjoyed this.

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The Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle Centre 66° 33’ N – We have entered the Arctic Circle! After a long, long drive (as Piper likes to say), we finally reached the Arctic Circle Centre. We arrived pretty late, about 10pm, so it was pretty much a case of settling down for the evening and saving the exploring for…

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Total Mileage1261
Total spent£809.21
Cost per day£62.25

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