hareshaw linn waterfall

Parking The Heritage Centre (NE48 2DG)
Pram accessible No
Length of walk 3 miles
Public Toilets Located in the village


There is dedicated parking for the waterfall (NE48 2DA), however it is a little tight for campervans and motorhomes, so we parked a little further down the road at the Heritage centre (NE48 2DG)

Our Visit:

This was our very FIRST day trip in the van, so we were all very excited! After parking at the Heritage Centre, it was just a short walk to the main waterfall car park and from there we were able to follow the signs up to the waterfall. The walk takes you through ‘magical’ woodland alongside a range of smaller falls before you reach the spectacular 30ft Hareshaw Linn Waterfall at the end. You’ll know you are getting close when you start to hear it! It really is quite special and you can climb right down to the bottom for a closer look and a different perspective, which of course we did.

Once you’ve frolicked around at the waterfall, you just return the way you came, it’s about a 3 mile walk in total. On our way back we bumped into a lot of people heading towards the waterfall, so once again we were thankful that we got there early to enjoy it by ourselves. It was back to the van for lunch and then onwards to the play park which the kids keenly observed when we arrived – Jubliee park.

What the kids loved:

  • Running across all the bridges
  • Climbing the trees

The Route:

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