Kayaking on Lancaster Canal


We accessed this part of the Lancaster canal from the small village of Borwick, which lies just south of Burton-in-Kendal.


There is space for around 3-4 vehicles on the right-hand side just before you head over the bridge. Not suitable for vans or motorhomes, so it’s best to take the car for this one.

Our Visit – 12/09/2021

Usually we take the kayak out on the lakes, but today we fancied something a bit different so we decided to try a section of the Lancaster canal. This actually turned out to be a pretty good day out. We only have one kayak and because Teddy is still too little to go on board, we have to take it in turns to go in. But kayaking along the canal meant that instead of one of us sitting and waiting for our turn, we were able to walk a stretch/kayak a stretch and then swap over. Which was perfect, and we were all able to still be together rather than feeling like we were having separate adventures!

We ended up paddling for about 1.5 miles, before stopping for lunch and deciding to head back, making it a 3 mile round trip in total.

If you have a young family and still want to enjoy a bit of time out on the water, then this is such a great way of doing just that.


The lovely Kendal town is around a 20 minute drive away, with a castle that has some spectacular royal roots.

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