cawfields quarry

Parking Paid – NE49 9NN
Pram accessible No
Length of walk 3.2 miles
Public Toilets At the car park


Paid car park on site, which even gives you the option to park overnight! Plenty of spaces as it’s fairly large, but we got here early so we are not sure how busy it gets at peak times.

Our Visit:

Lying between Walltown Country Park and Sycamore Gap, Cawfields Quarry is another fine place to enjoy a stretch of Hadrian’s wall, a place which we have been having great fun exploring. Our Jack absolutely loves to climb, so Hadrians Wall is fast becoming a favourite of his. We spent a little time playing around the edge of the Quarry Lake to start with, acquainting ourselves with the friendly duck who was alone on the lake.

It’s a really short walk to reach the first stretch of Hadrians Wall. It appears on your right climbing up the hill as you pass through a gate, before it abruptly stops where the quarry starts. You can walk to the top and admire the views of Milecastle 42, but then you have to come back down again, before continuing your walk. The kids love the milecastles, and it’s fun to imagine what it all must have looked like back in the day.

We carried on walking along the wall, until we decided it seemed a good time to turn around. However, just as I was making that decision, Jack observed the steep steps up the crag that lay just in front of us, and of course, he was pretty keen for the challenge. He’s definitely more eager to walk when climbing is involved, so for him it’s almost a case of the more challenging the better! So up we went, and then back down we came before heading back to the car.

INTERESTINGLY, you are even allowed to park overnight here, at a cost of £15. It’s a designated Dark Sky Discovery Site, so I can imagine how amazing it is here at night.

I think we will definitely be back in the van at some point!

What the kids loved:

  • Climbing all along Hadrian’s Wall
  • The Steep crag before we turned to head back

The Route:

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