Norway was hands down our absolute favourite country on our 2019 tour, taking the no.1. spot out of a total of 10 countries. It was magnificent; offering stunning views round each and every corner, the scenery just kept on giving. We saw dolphins, reindeer and even a moose during our time on the road here, all completely unexpected and very magical. We loved crossing into the Arctic circle and even got to swim (dip), in arctic circle waters, it was so cold despite the gorgeous sunshine and 18 degree heat. We travelled all the way up to Nordkapp, the most northerly point on mainland Europe and watched the midnight sun, which was total bucket list material. We will most definitely be visiting Norway again in the future.

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The Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle Centre 66° 33’ N – We have entered the Arctic Circle! After a long, long drive (as Piper likes to say), we finally reached the Arctic Circle Centre. We arrived pretty late, about 10pm, so it was pretty much a case of settling down for the evening and saving the exploring for…

Norway: Oslo to Bergen

We are beyond excited to be in Norway, it’s the country that we have most been looking forward to and so far it hasn’t disappointed!

Our Route

Key Stats

Total Mileage2376
Total spent£1,208.60
Cost per day£75.54

Next – Finland

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