RSPB Geltsdale

Parking CA8 2PN – Free!
Pram accessible No
Length of walk 3 Miles
Public Toilets At the visitor centre


Free Parking available at the RSPB Geltsdale Nature Reserve Car Park (CA8 2PN)

Our Visit:

Sitting on the border between Cumbria and Northumberland, you’ll find RSPB Geltsdale. You really do have your pick here as there are 5 different trails to choose from. On our visit we decided to follow the Stagsike trail which is a 3 mile loop incorporating the viewpoint at Tindale Tarn and the visitor centre. The first section of the walk was taken up with trying to settle Teddy in his sling as he was just not in the least bit impressed. But, we persevered and carried on and it wasn’t long before he drifted off to sleep. If there is one thing that we have learnt from travelling and all of our outdoor adventures, is that parenting still goes on. Days out aren’t always going to be full of fun and laughter, they will also be interjected with tears, tantrums and inadvertently a little bit of stress. But the views on this walk more than made up for the few tears we had at the beginning.

This was the first walk we had been on in Northumberland and we were amazed at the spectacular scenery. We just hadn’t; realised how beautiful it was going to be. We were also in for a real treat on this occasion as when we had arrived at the visitor centre (which was closed due to covid), we spotted a small ball of fluff on the grass, which we realised upon closer inspection was in fact a baby barn owl, or an Owlet to be precise!

We thought it was a little strange that it was just sat there deathly still in the middle of the day, so we asked a passer by who we had spoken to earlier if he knew what was up and what to do. He promptly picked it up and put it under the shelter of one of the outbuildings to try and keep it safe from any predators. Hopefully it felt a little better and got through the night!

We continued the walk in the happy knowledge that the Owlet was now in a safer place and reached Tindale tarn which is a great place for spotting wading birds, before the last leg of the walk which looped back to our starting position at the car park.

What the kids loved:

  • Finding the Owlet
  • Running across the bridges

The Route: