Woodchester park

Parking£3 all day (GL10 3TS)
Pram accessible No
Length of walk 2 Miles
Public Toilets At Woodchester Mansion


Paid parking – £3 all day (GL10 3TS). Note that it is coins only.

Our Visit:

Woodchester Park is home to several different walking routes, some of which pass the boathouse and the chain of lakes. But on our visit, we chose to follow the play trail as we knew this was something the kids would really enjoy. It was around 2 miles long, but with the kids busy playing along the way, 2 miles comes and goes in a flash. If you follow this trail you’ll come close to Woodchester Mansion, which is an interesting piece of architecture worth a closer look. So make sure you take a left turn to check it out before returning along the trail. It is a gothic style mansion which was constructed in 1870, but to this day never finished and never lived in.

The Route:

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