A sneak peek inside our motorhome

With almost 3-weeks gone since we sold our house and moved into our motorhome, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek inside!

First of all, we’re no motorhome experts. This is in fact our first motorhome so when looking at what to buy or what layout was best, to be completely honest, we didn’t have a clue. But, after having a look at a few different makes, models and layouts as well as spending a day looking around the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show at the NEC we settled for a 7-berth Rimor Seal 9 on a Fiat Ducato chassis.

Rimor Seal 9 Layout

Now, we know what you’re saying, why do we need a 7-berth motorhome for 2 adults, 2 kids and a dog? Surely a 4-berth would be fine? Yes, in reality you probably could do this in a smaller berth but for us this is a big culture change, we’ve never done the whole travelling thing and the thought of us all being squeezed into a smaller berth for an entire year was just a step too far. The great thing about the 7-berth is that the layout doesn’t change from day living to night living. With bunk beds at the back, the kids both have their own ‘bedrooms’, whilst we get the over cab double bed. The other 3-beds can all be made up in the dining/living area, but because we don’t need them, we have them permanently as a 4-seater dining table and a 3-seater bench sofa.

It’s safe to presume that the 2 most important rooms of a house are the kitchen and the bathroom. This is where you really do have to adapt in a motorhome. The kitchen area consists of a 2-ring gas hob, perfect for cooking a handful of meals but even after 3-weeks you start to miss the hearty dishes that can only be made in an oven. The bathroom in theory has everything you could need; a toilet, sink and a shower. However, with all of this crammed into a space smaller than most peoples wardrobe, it’s a bit of a tight squeeze.

So, that’s a quick sneak peek around our home on wheels for the next 12-months and we’ll certainly keep you updated on how it’s working out as the time goes on.

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