Hej Denmark

After 3 weeks in Germany we crossed the border into Denmark and instantly filled with a wave of excitement. A new country, number 3 to be exact, means a new experience, a new language to get used to, a new currency to get our heads around and a new culture to submerge ourselves into. Our adventure continues!

Before we crossed the border into Denmark we stopped off at a paid aire to use the service station to fill with fresh water and empty the grey and black waste (we had stayed the night 20 minutes down the road for free). We also had to fill up on gas and started to keep an eye out for petrol station that sold LPG to fill our Gas-Low system. This in itself was a new experience as we’ve not filled up on gas yet in mainland Europe. Using the Gas-Low European adapters was easy, but getting the machine to work and translating the instructions got the better of us, so we gave up and asked for help.

Crossing the border into Denmark felt great and just 15 minutes later we arrived in Mogeltonder located just outside Tonder. This place looks like a film-set or even something out of a fairytale. With a cobbled, tree lined street and the quaintest thatched roofed cottages either side it couldn’t of been more perfect, and if the rest of Denmark is like this then we’re in for a real treat!

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