3 Months of Travelling

It’s crazy to think that we have been on the road for 3 months now. In one sense it feels like it’s gone super fast and in another it feels like a lifetime ago since we set out on this amazing adventure. We’ve travelled 7500 miles through 6 countries. We’ve walked behind a waterfall, played in the snow, climbed up a robot, swam in lakes and marvelled at the Fjords of Norway. To put it quite simply, we are having the absolute best time!

Most days we wake up not knowing where we are heading or what we will end up doing, but that’s quite a wonderful thing as it doesn’t really matter. We’ll just pinpoint a stop on a map and drive, which most of the time pays off and leads us to interesting locations. But, of course, it doesn’t always work out that way and we have had plenty of times where we have arrived at a place and immediately decided to move on, all because it just seems a bit bleurgh.

The initial ‘thrill’ of travelling has started to pass, but we think that’s because we are settling into life on the road and after 3 months it is becoming our new ‘normal’. Saying that, we are missing a few home comforts, a long soak in the bath would go down a treat, and a Sunday Roast Dinner would be amazing too!  But those luxuries will have to wait, as for now our tour of Europe continues in Germany, with Austria and Switzerland coming up next! 

Our Best Bits:

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