Hareshaw Linn Waterfall

The walk takes you through ‘magical’ woodland alongside a range of smaller falls before you reach the spectacular 30ft Hareshaw Linn Waterfall at the end. You’ll know you are getting close when you start to hear it!  It really is quite special and you can even climb down for a closer look.

Lambley Viaduct

The viaduct is a stunning example of Victorian engineering and what we all loved about it was the fact that we were able to walk over the top AND underneath it, so we could appreciate the views down the river as well as taking in the full view of the viaduct.

Sycamore Gap

Crowned England’s ‘Tree of the Year” in 2016, this iconic sycamore tree sits alone in a dramatic dip in the landscape. It may look quite familiar as it also featured in the 1991 Robin Hood Prince of Thieves film.

Cawfields Quarry

Lying between Walltown Country Park and Sycamore Gap, Cawfields Quarry is another fine place to enjoy a stretch of Hadrian’s wall, a place which we have been having great fun exploring.

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