who are we?

In 2019, we sold our house, quit our jobs and bought a motorhome to travel around Europe with our kids! But after returning home, we decided we needed a bit more adventure so we bought a builders van and transformed it into our family campervan.

Richard and Keira - Touring With The Kids

Richard and Keira (Aka mum and dad)

Striving to live life to the full and give our kids experiences which are beyond the ordinary. Our favourite travel memory is July 28th 2019, Finland – swimming in the lake watching our kids play on the shore. Sometimes the simplest things bring us the most joy, and what really sticks from this day is how happy we all were!

Piper - Touring With The Kids

Piper (age 5)

Our little busy body, always wanting to be on the go and doing something fun. Wise beyond her years and a little bossy, but has a heart of gold. Favourite travel memory – August 8th, 2019, Bamse World, Sweden. Has a love for learning about animals, and enjoys testing us on our animal knowledge. Fun fact – she’s lived in more houses than she has had birthdays!

Jack - Touring With The Kids

Jack (age 4)

Our wild one, a true free spirit, and happiest when he is outside. The joker of the family, he enjoys being silly and making us all laugh. Would much prefer to be jumping in puddles than sat doing a puzzle, and has a tendency for stripping off and running around in the nude!

Teddy - Touring With The Kids

Teddy (Aged 1)

Our little travel souvenir baby! We came home from our Europe Tour with little Teddy on board. He loves playing outside and enjoys all of our outdoor adventures, despite the fact that he hasn’t yet got up on his feet to start walking yet.

Charlie (age 8)

Our first (fur) baby, we’ve had Charlie since he was about 8 months old. He is probably one of the most well travelled dogs ever, having adventured all over Europe with us (10 countries and counting). He loves the beach and swimming, but does not like steep bumpy roads (driving around Norway was not his favourite).

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