Around Ribe, Denmark

Raring to go for our first full day in Denmark, we were on the road by 9am and headed to Ribe, Denmark’s oldest city. We were even granted a bit of morning entertainment when we got stuck behind a truck load of Danish students joyfully celebrating their graduation, holding water pistols in one hand and a beer in the other.

After parking up the motorhome, we set out on foot to the city centre which was just a 10-minute walk (15 if you account for Piper’s little legs). The city did not disappoint and we were greeted with the most beautiful, brightly coloured buildings and magnificent cathedral which is said to be one of the top 100 best cathedrals in the world! We stopped at a tourist info board to try and suss out where the Viking museum was, because you can’t visit Denmark and not indulge in a bit of Viking history and a lovely Danish lady came over to point us in the right direction. Denmark is said to be the happiest nation in the world and we were definitely getting happy vibes from this place.

Our entry to the museum was 85DKK which roughly equates to £19 each. Luckily, all of the info signs had an English translation so we were able to learn a little about the Vikings as we went around. We were just about to leave when Richard spotted a section that we had missed. The sign above the door said ‘Playing at your own risk’ and inside we found dressing up clothes, toy horses, a jousting ring and toy castles. The kids were in their element but none more so than Richard who didn’t waste any time getting dressed up to ride his ‘horse’ and challenge me to a jousting competition. We all thought it was brilliant and a really fun end to our museum trip.

That same afternoon we headed to the coast to see the ‘Men at Sea’ – four massive statues that sit alongside the sea as if they are watching guard. In all honesty, we paid little attention to them at first as the kids made a beeline for the water, more interested in building sandcastles and having a splash around. It wasn’t long before Jack fought off our hands for some solo running in the shallow water and not long after that he was soaked right through. The tide was going out which helped us to spot some tiny fish swimming in the shallows and Piper used her bucket to collect them up for a closer look. We spent the night wild camping next to the statues and breath-taking sea views.

The following morning, we headed slightly further up the coast to go and see another beach! This one had WW2 bunkers lined along it, with a few that had been transformed into mules, known as the bunker mules. It was only 10am when we arrived but it was already warm and we had a fantastic time wandering along the beach barefoot looking for seashells and running in the golden sand. Why can’t every Sunday be like this?

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