Wild and Windy Northern Denmark

Arriving in northern Denmark, everything started to change! The glorious temperatures of the high 20’s and early 30’s disappeared and we found ourselves in a slightly cooler and much windier environment. We were in the Thy National Park. Don’t get us wrong though, this place has its own beauty, not that of lush green fields or pristine lakes, but of something that’s a lot more rugged, with grass covered sand dunes and gnarly forests.

We arrived mid-afternoon and headed to Lodbjerg lighthouse. The lighthouse itself was modest at best with a small exhibition attached and for 50DKK (around £6), you could climb to the top. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, we paid the money and started the climb to the top. Once we opened the small door out to the exterior ledge, we were instantly reminded of the windy conditions and we barely got 2 feet out of the door before we turned around and started to head back down.

Time was getting on and with no official Aires in the national park, we looked up a few recommendations online of places to stay. We headed further north and found a car park surrounded by trees and sand dunes. It looked like a beautiful spot, but the wind was so strong that we couldn’t even let the kids step outside as the sand was blowing up into our faces. We each took a turn to head up the top of the sand dunes, and the views were absolutely incredible, but with the wind rocking the motorhome, we decided it wouldn’t be the best place to spend the night. I cooked up a super quick dinner of BBQ hot dog sausages in wraps and we headed further inland to the town of Thisted to a motorhome spot right along the waterfront. That was a view we couldn’t complain about either!

The following day we headed back into the National Park as we weren’t quite finished with our exploring. This time a 3km walk in the Thagaard’s plantation woods with another fantastic viewpoint over to the sea.

After lunch we headed further north and along the way we spotted some WW2 bunkers and gun posts hidden amongst the sand dunes. Richard was eager to take a look so braved the winds with Piper, whilst I stayed back in the motorhome with a sleeping Jack.  

After that, it was back to our parking spot at Thisted for another free nights stay. We spent the afternoon catching crabs on the water’s edge, accidently making the silly mistake of putting some little fish in with our crabs in the bucket. Next thing we knew, our biggest crab was munching on the fish like it had hit gold with a tasty afternoon snack. Our crabbing ventures came to an abrupt end when Jack slipped and cut his lip. I panicked at first, but it soon became apparent that it was only a little cut and he would just be sporting a good duck pout for the next few days.

Moving east across northern Denmark the following morning, we stopped at Aggersborg ring fort which had a small expedition attached. There was also a small, quaint church next door and since we hadn’t yet been inside a Danish church, we had a little peer inside. It was quite simple and understated yet still had its own little beauty.

It was onto Lindholm Hoje next, an old Viking burial ground. We had a walk over the site and tried to figure out who was buried where, for men were buried in triangular or ship shape stone settings, whilst women had more oval markings. Yet again, for the second time on our trip, Jack decided to pick up a poop! This time, it was a sheep’s poop.

Having spent the day exploring it was time to find a place to spend the night and we managed to find a place just off the coast near the Lille Vildmosecentret natural protection area. However, with the weather still not great and wanting something different we made a spontaneous decision, let’s just catch the ferry over to Sweden. So that was that, a quick search online and the ferry was booked for 8:15 the next morning from Friedrikshavn to Gothenberg. Denmark, it’s been a pleasure and we will be back!

2 thoughts on “Wild and Windy Northern Denmark

  1. Interesting read again. Shame the weather wasn’t a little kinder. Don’t know what you were thinking about putting the crab in with fish!! Love the church – such beautiful simplicity. How’s Piper getting on with all the different people?


    1. Piper is loving the trip, we are doing a lot of wild camping and we haven’t really come across many families. Every day is different though so we are all enjoying that!


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