The Start Of Our Van Conversion

Finding the right van for our family camper conversion was harder than we thought it would be! We went backwards and forwards trying to decide what type of van to get. We looked at Sprinters, Transits, Boxers and Relays and debated whether we needed a high top, a long wheelbase or an extra longwheelbase. How much space did we really need? And how imposing would it look on our driveway? After a little mini tour of the UK, heading up to Glasgow and Edinburgh to look at vans, we finally found the one we wanted in Newcastle. A 2016 Citroen Relay L3H2.

Once parked up on our driveway, it was operation GO GO GO and Richard wasted no time at all getting started, setting to work stripping out the interior. We had no idea what to expect when we pulled off the plywood, but luckily we discovered that the van is in really good condiiton underneath and there are only a few little rust spots which we need to sort out. Next came the exciting part of removing the bulkhead, to open up the space. Once this was done, it was the perfect opportunity to give the inside a thorough clean. We figured we might aswell get it in a mint condition before we start any of the conversion work. We handed out cloths to the kids so we could all muck in. We want to involve the kids as much as we can in the process, it’s an exciting project and they may learn a few skills from helping out.

We’re really pleased with the progress so far, although we know this is the easy bit!

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