Our Top 10 Places To Visit With Kids In Europe

We’ve put together a list of our favourite places to visit with kids in Europe. We visited alot of places and we moved to a new place almost every day, so even though we had lots of places to choose from, this list was pretty easy to pull together because the best bits always stick!

We’ve deliberately not numbered them 1-10, because to be honest it would be pretty tricky to pick the BEST of the bunch, but hopefully it may introduce you to a few places you haven’t yet heard of or discovered.

Kolmarden Zoo (Bamse World) – Sweden


The kids absolutely loved this place! They’ve been obsessed with Bamse ever since our TUI family holiday to Sardinia in 2018 and we thought it would be pretty fun to visit the home of Bamse in Sweden. It’s located at the magnificent Kolmarden zoo which just so happens to be the largest zoo in Scandinavia. It made for a really fun and memorable day out although it was probably the single most expensive day during our entire 6 months on the road. But after scrimping for a few weeks (Scandinivia is super expensive), it felt great to let go and splurge a little! Bamse world is great for younger kids, probably those under 6 years old, so for Piper and Jack (age 2 and 3 at the time), it was perfect, plenty of rides and even a special Bamse show performed several times a day. The zoo itself was also pretty amazing with a massive gondola that takes you on a half hour ride over some of the big animal enclosures, e.g. lions, bears and giraffes. We’d never seen a zoo where you could get a birds eye perspective like this and it allowed the animals to benefit from enlarged enclosures which seem to emulate their natural habitats in the wild much better than what we have seen in other zoos. The place is definitely worth a visit and is located just an hour and a half’s drive away from Stockholm. They have allocated motorhome parking, but they don’t allow you to stay overnight, so make sure you have somewhere to head to at the end of your day here. We found a free spot 35 minutes away, which did us just nicely for the night – https://www.campercontact.com/en/sweden/ostergotland-county/norrkoping/72045/lindo-smabatshamn

Santa Claus Village – Lapland


So whilst most people visit Lapland during the winter, we actually stayed here in the height of summer. Even for Summer in Lapland, it was unusually very hot and we experienced temperatures of 29 degrees plus, hence why our choice of outfits look a little bit strange in our photo with the big man himself. As it was summer, a lot of the activities were closed, but we were able to wander round the village, visit Santa Claus’s main post office, see the elves and visit all the Christmas shops. If you’re touring in a motorhome, then it’s an absolute no brainer to stop off here for a night or two, since it’s completely free to do so!

Ahvenisen uimaranta – Finland

This one is quite specific but it was one of our highlights so we had to include it on this list. We were able to park right by this beautiful lake and we fully embraced the warm weather on that day. It felt totally freeing, we were all by ourselves, and we just jumped right in fully clothed, frolicking in the water whilst we watched the kids playing in the sand. We actually only have two photos of this place because we were too busy enjoying the moment and having pure non distrupted family fun. There are plenty of lakes like this in Finland, especially in the Lakeland District, so if this is your sort of thing then you’ll love it. But maybe if you’re planning on swimming, be sure you visit in Summer! Temperatures can drop as low as -30 in the winter here!

Park mit allen Sinnen (Park for the senses) – Gutach, Germany


We had the BEST time in the Black Forest region of Germany and as a whole it’s super kid friendly! This place was one of our favourites though and that’s because it was such a unique experience. Jack was only 2 at the time and a little bit lazy when it came to walking, but this place was different and he had all the energy in the world, because he got to walk barefoot! The trail is 2km long and you get to walk on various different types of terrain including mud, which was the highlight for Jack, not so much Piper who wasn’t as keen to start with. Along the trail there are plenty of diferent sensory stations, including experience areas with sounds and colours, aswell as aroma pavillions so you can experience different scents. It’s pretty fun to see how well you can guess what the different scents are too. We’d never done anything like this before, and it was a pretty unique experience, definitely something that kids and adults can all enjoy together.

IndemannInden, Germany

This one made for a very pleasant surprise as we turned up very late at night to our motorhome parking spot to find a giant robot lighting up the countryside! Not quite what we had expected thats for sure. The following morning we realised that you could actually climb up the steps inside the 36m tall Indemann robot, so that’s what we did. A great experience and with magnificent views that you can take in at the top. If you’re feeling brave, then walk out onto robots arm, I wasn’t quite feeling brave enough, but Richard and the kids just went for it! There is a big children’s play park right next door to it too, so you could easily spend a good few hours keeping the family entertained here.

The Beaches Of SenjaNorway

Ah, the beaches of Norway are absolutely stunning, but the beach at Senja was our absolute favourite! A place to spend quality time together as a family amongst the magnificent scenery that Senja has to offer. We found the most gorgeous parking spot right by the beach. We collected shells, dug holes in the sand, built sandcastles, dipped our toes in the water and toasted marshmallows as the sun started to set. It was wonderfully idyllic and very special.

Baumwipfelpfad – Bad Wildbad, Germany


You can find this treetop walk in Bad Wildbad. The absolute highlight of the trail being the 40 metre high observation tower that allows you to take in the wonderful views of the surrounding mountaneous forest. The best part is for the kids though, as when you reach the top of the tower you can take the quick way back down on the 55 metre tunnel slide. Unfortunately our kids were too young to ride the slide as you have to be 6 years or over. But it’s still worth a visit even with younger children, like ours. There is motorhome parking on the edge of the town, only a short walk away from the centre and then you take the funnicular up to reach the treetop walk.

Badeparadise – Titisee, Germany


It may be in the heart of the Black Forest in Germany, but this tropical oasis will make you feel like you are in the Carribean. Home to a water park for the older kids, a relaxing palm oasis and mineral pools, there is something here for everyone. We spent the entire day here and came away feeling super refreshed. Arriving in a motorhome? You can park up and stay overnight in the car park for free! The palm oasis is mostly a haven for adults, but they also allow infants up to the age of 3 to enter. So that was a bonus for us as we essentially had access to all areas.

Vitylycke musuem – Tanumshede, Sweden


We visited a few museums on our travels, some of which were not targetted towards children at all, so try and be selective when visiting museums to make sure they are age appropriate for your children. Otherwise you’ll be rushing around trying to keep your kids entertained rather than taking in what the museum has to offer. The Vitylycke musuem is however a great place to take the family, even very little ones like ours! It’s based at a world heritage site, an area of about 600 rock art sites, so plenty of intriguing stuff to see. In addition, there is also a reconstructed Bronze Age Farm here where kids can get hands on with some traditional activities. (rock art photo)

The Ebro Delta – Catalonia, Spain

The Ebro Delta region in Catalonia, Spain is home to almost 3000 pairs of wild flamingoes. These just so happen to be one of Piper’s favourite animals, so as you can imagine she had great fun using her binoculars to get a close up view of them. Best of all too, it’s absolutely free to visit. Just turn up, find a spot to park and enjoy the beautiful birdlife that this area has to offer. The beaches of the Ebro Delta are beautiful too, so you could really make a day of it here.

Have you visited any of these places? or planning to visit in the future? Let us know in the comments section!

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