10 Weeks In

10 weeks ago, we jumped into our latest challenge and purchased a van so that we could transform it into our bespoke family campervan!

We still have a long way to go before it’s finished but we are pretty pleased with the progress so far. It’s actually quite fun looking back at the photos we took at the start, because we can really see how far we have come with it already! We’ve never converted a van before, or done anything to the level of handiwork required to make the van look tip top, but as it stands we (I really mean Richard) are doing a good job.

So far we’ve:

  • Stripped it out and removed the bulkhead
  • Added sound deadening
  • Fitted the windows
  • Installed the air vent
  • Prepped the electrics
  • Put in the electric hook up port
  • Added insulation
  • Cladded the ceiling
  • Started the cladding on the walls
  • Laid the floor
  • Fixed the travelling seats
  • Built the bench seat frames

We’re really enjoying the challenge of doing something we have never done before, and coming up with ideas for what the end product will look like. Having previously travelled in a motorhome, which are all quite lovely but very plain and simple, doing a van conversion is giving us the opportunity to create something unique and bespoke to our family, allowing our creative juices to really flow. It’s ALOT smaller than our motorhome and space will be at a premium, but we are hoping that we’ll be able to maximise the space with our planned layout.

So how are we managing to fit in the conversion with work and family life? To be honest, it’s pretty difficult to get the balance right and we don’t really have any chill days just now. With Richard being back at work and the nights drawing in, we don’t really get much done Mon-Fri, so at the moment we are really trying to utilise the weekends. Easier said than done when we also want to spend good, quality family time with the kids and still get out on our little adventures.

So what’s next on the van checklist? Well we need to finish off the cladding and start on the kitchen units. We still haven’t decided whether to buy these in or build them ourselves, although Richard is keen on the latter and I do think it would be pretty cool to handcraft as much of the build as possible.

We haven’t set a deadline to get the van finished, but it would be nice to complete the transformation before the year is out… so watch this space! We’ll be posting more updates on YouTube, so don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you want to follow our progress.

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