The First Steps

We’ve done it! We’ve only gone and handed in our notices at work and put our house on the market. We have been gearing up to this moment for months now with endless chatter between us about how it would go down at work and particularly how it would feel when we took these first big steps to making our dream a reality.

So how does it feel?

Well it feels AMAZING, with a pinch of “are we really doing this” and “are you sure we aren’t crazy”. But in all seriousness, I think we are just taking this once in a lifetime opportunity to relish the freedom of travelling around Europe with a young family before we all get bogged down with schoolwork and other life commitments.

We decided to put the house on the market with Yopa. We were assigned a local agent who very quickly put the house live on all of the major property websites, and then we just had to wait… Turns out, waiting wasn’t something we had to do as the viewing requests came rolling in on just day one!

4 days, 9 viewings and 3 offers later, we were sold subject to contract. Yay!

Better still, they offer an excellent referral scheme whereby you can give someone else your code so they can receive £100 off their fees and in turn you get £100 worth of Amazon vouchers. It’s a total win/win. So if you’re thinking about having your own adventure or simply thinking about relocating, you can get £100 off your Yopa Fees just by using our referral code ‘keirareid’. 

Yopa code – ‘Keirareid’

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