Such a cute country! That is the first and last impression that we got from visiting Denmark. We were very lucky to start off in the most picturesque town, it was that clean, neat and quaint that it felt just like something out of a storybook. Also if you like Vikings and want to learn a bit more about them, then this is the place to be!

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Hej Denmark

After 3 weeks in Germany we crossed the border into Denmark and instantly filled with a wave of excitement.

Around Ribe, Denmark

Raring to go for our first full day in Denmark, we were on the road by 9am and headed to Ribe, Denmark’s oldest city.

Wild and Windy Northern Denmark

Arriving in northern Denmark, everything started to change! The glorious temperatures of the high 20’s and early 30’s disappeared and we found ourselves in a slightly cooler and much windier environment.

Our Route

Key Stats

Total Mileage739
Miles per day73.90
Total spent£575.40
Cost per day£57.54

Next – Sweden

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